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What is a Facebook Page? Is it different from a Facebook Profile?
Yes, a Facebook Page is not the same as a Facebook Profile. A Facebook Page is a business account on Facebook that you create for your company, organization, business...etc, which serves as a fan page. A Facebook Profile is a personal account on Facebook. When you join Facebook, you get a Profile. This is a place where you can connect with friends, see their posts in your news feed, post your thoughts, pictures...etc. We currently only support Facebook Pages to create your website.

Where do I find my Facebook Page URL?
When you are looking at your Facebook Page from within the browser, the Facebook Page URL is the web address located at the top of the browser. It should look something like:

I pasted the URL of my Facebook Page but nothing happens. Why?
Make sure you are correctly copying the Facebook Page URL. See the question before this for help. Check that the URL you are entering is for a Facebook Page and not for your Personal Profile. We currently do not support making a website from your personal profile. Also, make sure there are no location and/or age restrictions in your Page settings.

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